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  1. Quilting

    I am sick of drooling over quilting shows and pictures and not being able to produce my own. There is just so much craft potential locked in quilts. I would love to be able to walk into a fabric store and do so much more than just goggle at all that potential. It could also be a good way to finally give my husband that blanket I have been promising him for like ever.

  2. Quilling

    Oh man, I have a feeling quilling probably takes a lot of patience and a lot of practice but I just can’t seem to get it out of my mind. It is another craft with so much potential that I must tap into. I think purchasing a quilling kit will be in my nearish future.

  3. Papercutting

    As with quilling I know this will take a lot of patience and practice but ever since I saw the Harry Potter paper cut (see above) I knew I had to learn.

  4. Digital Scrapbook Kit Production

    I have been doing digital scrapbooks for quite a bit now and have always depended on whatever items I could find on others blogs, websites and shops but knew I would love to finally start creating and producing my own products. I have tried a handful of times with little success (quality just never seemed that great) but I know that I have it in me somewhere. I guess for now all I can do is keep at it. I hope when I finally get successful enough at it I can start selling my own kits.

  5. Run Home Based Business

    I guess that would lead into my next order of business, run a successful home based business. The more and more I fill out applications after applications for jobs I really don’t want for wages that aren’t really livable I just think it is high time I did something for myself. I tried last year to get something started but for various reasons it never took off. Like with designing digital scrapbook kits I will just have to keep trying. I think a minor setback to my business plans is the lack of funds to purchase supplies to have enough stock available.

  6. Increase Grammar Understanding

    I don’t lack grammar skills per say, it just seems that the instant I sit down in front of computer my brain can’t translate them when I type. I would love to pick up a book or something to help it along. Getting a greater grasp will make my dreams of one day writing a book a little bit closer to reality.

  7. Sewing

    I guess to learn to quilt, you need to sew. I have a basic skill understanding but like with all things it wouldn’t hurt to get a better mastering of the skills. I would love to be able to make my own garments, purses and other items.

  8. Better Photography

    Photography is yet another skill I know I could work more on mastering. A lot of this item will include me taking more photos, because of course you can’t get better unless you practice, practice and then practice more.

  9. Jewelry

    I know that adding jewelry to my inventory for my one day home business would be a very grand idea. This would include resin jewelry, beaded and really anything under the sun jewelry wise. Plus it would be great to be able to create something that hopefully won’t irritate me. I would love to be able to wear more necklaces but I just can’t stand anything on my neck and most chains irritate me.

  10. Increase Soap Making Knowledge

    I have a basic understanding but I would love the supplies to be able to produce on a larger level. I would be doing mostly melt and pour items but eventually would like to dabble a little in some cold process soaps.


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