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I am nearing my 10th year knitting and in that almost ten years I have traveled very far from the uneven gartered scarves of a beginner. In the last year I have created a love affair with cables, mastered (or at least became less afraid) of the charted pattern and discovered the joys of the magic loop. Socks were mastered a few years back when I discovered the method to knit two at one time which allowed me to master the block that is the second sock. Even with all this progress, I wish I could be doing so much more.

I feel that I probably would be farther in my knit education if I had the funds to purchase yarn but that is neither here nor there and really for another time.

Either way, here is a list of 10 projects that our eating at my soul to get produced upon my needles.

  1. Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn

    I have done a few fair isle things in the past but nothing really all that substantial, when I saw this hat pop up on the Ravelry front page, I knew I had to knit it. It’s pattern offering a challenging yet not unmanageable romp through fair isle using fingering weight yarn. The weight I have year to manage in a knitted hat, most of mine have been in worsted. I would probably do it up in a nice jewel tone green with a winter white for the accent.

  2. <b>Brambles Beret by Amanda Muscha</b>

    This hat has been roaming my mind unknit since it first arrived on the Knitty scene. I constantly came back to it, wishing and hoping I had the supplies to knit it up. Now all that is between me and my favorite on Brambles Beret is the yarn, I am not really sure what color would tickle my fancy; it would really depend on the yarn for which I choose.

  3. <b>Old Fashioned Military Sweater </b>

    I have yet to find a pattern for this but I know there is one out there probably on the archive of vintage patterns, I located a few years back. The husband has been clamoring for a sweater for years, expressing quite often how much he likes the looks of the military sweater. I figured after pretty much producing no finished products for him (including a half-finished and long since abandoned blanket) it is more than I time to give him something. I have yet to knit a sweater, so I think it would not be my choice for my FIRST sweater but either way I am so ready to break my sweater virginity. This garment of course would be done up in an olive drab.

  4. <b>$5 in Paris by Anna Peck-Maliszewski</b>

    Now this isn’t technically a sweater but I feel it will be my first foray into the knitted garment. It just seems the right item to get my feet wet with. It may even happen in the suggest yarn because it is a very budget friendly yarn, one I have used for many a project in the past. Color wise I am thinking either a combo of a yellow and pewter or maybe even a Neapolitan theme. I guess time will only be able to tell me.

  5. Weasley Sweater

    If you are not aware I am in fact a Potternerd. You know, one of those who wasted many a hours trying to get into the Pottermore Beta (which I did on the fourth day using my phone’s internet), reads/watches constantly over and over the books and films and can pretty much recite every word. Yeah, that’s me. So it is only natural that in an ode to one of my favorite Potter knitters, Mrs. Weasley, I would break my sweater virginity producing a Weasley sweater. For the colors of the sweater, I am thinking a heathered gray with a nice maroon for the letter in which I would do a K for my first name.

  6. Heather Hoodie Vest by Debbie O’Neal

    I will admit right now that I have dreams about this garment. It often finds its way even when it is not wanted. I think it is the cables, the hood and the short sleeves that make it so desirable to me. It could be no other color than a nice shade of green that reminds me of new grass.

  7. <b> Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky</b>

    This is another item that the instant I saw it pop up on a ravelry search I knew it had to find a home in my closet. I am pretty sure it is the cables and of course a girl can never have too many hooded anything. I fear this would probably end up as a shade of green (can’t help it, my favorite color) but I would be up to entertaining a pink or maybe a brown.

  8. <b>Collins by Thea Colman</b>

    This cabled wrap sweater thing is absolutely drool worthy! I really can’t say much more beyond that. Color probably a turquoise or purple heathered yarn, but I have a feeling this maybe something I have a few different colors of (that is if the first one goes well).

  9. Intolerable Cruelty by Ashley Adams Moncrief

    This scarf has been on my to do list since 2007, I think it is high time I mark it off. There is just something so lovely about the lace on the back. You could almost have “interchangeable” ribbons to match your mood or outfit. Think it would be a black, especially if it was able to be interchangeable.

  10. <b>Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho</b>

    I really do not know why but for a while there I could not get this cowl out of my head. I visited its page on Ravelry like ten times a day and it also popped up everywhere in my dreams. I really do not know what color; I often think a self-striping would be nice or a buttery yellow or even just a nice pewter. I really can’t tell you right now what color it would end up.


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