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To Be A Dreamer

I am a dreamer, there is no doubt about it…and as a dreamer I will never be satisfied for the ordinary. Monotony bores me, I can’t stand being surrounded by beige and I can never settle on what I want to do in the future. 

I am constantly changing my mind at what I think would be a good plan for the future…one day I want to be a occupational therapist, the next I want to write children’s books and tomorrow I will probably want to teach.  This constant movement from plan to plan probably is tied to my biggest fear of failing but a lot of it is because I don’t want to settle. I don’t want to pick something, go through the task of raising up and realizing I absolutely hate it. I am not afraid of the work, I love a good challenge, I just want to be satisfied after I exerted all the effort. 

I do know that my ultimate goal is to work from home…what I am doing while working from home is the big answer. Every time I try to imagine myself in a cubicle or something along those lines, I start to feel claustrophobic. The rules, the regulations, the monotony just start making me itchy.

Now I just need to find the money to start that career…when you can’t find satisfaction in the now, how can you get to the future….I don’t want to settle…I was taught that I could do whatever I want, and as a dreamer, I want just that. 

First order of business…GET BRANDON TO GET A JOB…he, out of the both us, has a greater success for finding one that pays decently because he has more work experience and no degrees (those are not the windows to making money like we are told)….

To be a dreamer is hard in this economy…I hate to give up my dreams.



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