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I have about three blogs (actually I just thought of a 4th) I need to write and because I have been lazy I am going to combine two of them in just one post.

Post One: Sprouting Seeds Studio – Fire and Ice

I had a hard time finding pictures for this and it made me realize that I need to take more pictures. I really should have my camera on me at like all times, but that is for another time.


and the blog freebie can be found here.

After racking my brain I realized that these colors and designs reminded me of Alaska, so I opened the folder full of my honeymoon pictures and found some I liked. I decided a compass theme would look well but wanted it to be subtle.

This is what I came up with:

Okay, now on to Post 2: Sprouting Seeds Studio – My Girl

This one was easier to come up with a concept, probably because I well, it was pink and green….:-)

It also has a blog freebie which can be found here

And here is what I did with it-

And now is where I discuss revamping my blog…okay, I have been thinking for while separating the book reviews into another blog with something more book related and focusing just on books, giving this one a massive make-over and either adding a new category or starting another one called,  I don’t know, but relating to recipes I try..maybe even do a poll where the readers (if I have any) tells me what I am to make out of a group of recipes or something. Still meshing it out, however, I think by splitting the book reviews and the like it would help create a better product and maybe make it more marketable (or, maybe that isn’t the right word) let us try to rephrase that into readership. I don’t know.

Upcoming things I will be talking about: Pottermore, Pinterest, Banned Books Week and probably a few other things.


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