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Book: Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America

Author: Jeff Ryan

Publisher: Portfolio

Expected Publication Date:  August 4th, 2011

Source: Advanced Readers Galley through Netgalley.com

Star Rating: 4 out of 5

I thoroughly enjoyed this little romp through Nintendo history. I had learned that they had a greater and more diverse history than just Mario and video games but I hadn’t really paid attention. It was cool to sort of get an inside look on how games like Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda and all the other staples we are aware of came about. Learning about the evolution of the game systems Nintendo as gone through to get to where we are now is fascinating. You also learn about the rivalries between the other gaming companies and how that has made Nintendo better or in maybe some cases worse. How Mario used to be Jumpman and the Princess was named Pauline? Why Yoshi came about?

I was a little amazed to not see Goldeneye referenced when Ryan was talking about the N64 system (and if it was, it was in such a passing manner that I can’t recall it). I understand this was a book more geared toward Mario and his Renaissance appearances as a plumber, doctor, race car driver and the like. But to not mention Goldeneye especially when you focus some quality time on Rare was almost astounding. Goldeneye on the N64 was what got me back into wanting to play video games from the few times I tried rather unsuccessfully to conquer Super Mario Bros on the SNES or the hours I spent trying to get Jumpman to save the Princess in Donkey Kong as a child.

Either way this is a perfect book for any Super Mario lover or someone just interested in gaming history. I certainly learned a lot in the process of reading the book and now look at Mario and even Nintendo in a different light.

I will leave you with credit song from the semi-popular Super Mario Brothers Super Show…are you ready to “Do the Mario?”

Random Fact: The guy playing Mario is a former wrestler Capt. Lou Albano


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