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Alrighty, about a month or so ago I had a wild hair about becoming a documentary film maker…mostly because I really love to listen to all the stories that the generations who have come before us have to tell us. There is just so much not getting told and not going to get remembered when they pass.

I have been sitting with this idea for awhile and then it dawned on me. It would be so much fun to just be able to put together books…I could focus on a year or a decade or an event and collect a bunch of stories from a bunch of different people. I just find it FASCINATING and very interesting. We hear about these events and learn about them in books and television and in school but there is nothing like someone who lived during the time of these events. I want to collect them and get them out there for the future to read.

How I am to begin that, I am not really sure but I just feel so good about that idea. I did just get an application in for a local retirement home called Delmar Gardens as an assistant activities director. It will be interesting if I hear back from them since I am not necessarily qualified for it. I did apply to Lakeview Village but have not heard from them so I have more or less washed my hands of them. Will just have to see what goes.

I am looking forward to getting moved in and having space, but this not being able to pay for ANYTHING is stressing me out, like no other.


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