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Book: Buried Secrets (A Nick Heller Novel #2)

Author: Joseph Finder

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Expected Publish Date:  June 21st, 2011

Source: Good Reads First Read Program

Star Rating: 4 out of 5

A brilliantly crafted mystery novel, I was in it to win it from the first paragraph. Finder’s Nick Heller is well developed and a character worthy of a multi-novel series. I seem to have a love for books that visit the minds of multiply characters and not just the main one. I just love delving into the minds of the victim(s), detective and the bad guy. It allows the story to develop in a more complex way, especially when one character tells you something that fits somehow to something you learned from another character. I love just how brilliantly it works, especially in this one.

Finder’s story for the search for Alexa and the many-faceted reasons behind her kidnapping kept me on my toes and had me permanently attached to the book until I could reach the end. I certainly found a new author to look out for when I received this book from Goodreads as part of their first reads program. Upon ending this book I promptly purchased “Power Play” by him and looking forward to getting around to starting it.

I have already suggested this book to one person and will let my mother borrow it when I get it back. It really is a great read to dive into. Just make sure you do it on a night you don’t have to be anywhere the next day because it will be hard to put down.


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