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Book: The Knitter’s Life List

Rights to the artist, publisher and author

Author: Gwen. W. Steege

Publisher: Storey Publishing

To Be Published:  September, 14th 2011

Source: Advanced Readers Galley through Netgalley.com

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

A brilliant book chock full of information for the knitter beginning to the advanced knitter and even the professional. Every page taught me something new or told it to me in away that was different and increased my understanding. I really enjoyed the to-do lists at the beginning of each chapter. It was fun to go through and do a mental check off of what I have done and see just how much more I can learn from a craft I have been doing for a while now.

Steege teaches us new concepts like the magic ball and even lets us delve into brilliant minds of all those names we see next to those patterns we have poured countless hours over. She takes us on a journey through time, through history and through life all in the name of knitting. I cannot wait to add this book to my collection of knitting books. I know for years to come I will find myself going to it when I need a little inspiration or maybe have a question or if I just feel like doing something in one of the myriad of check-lists.

I recommend this book to any knitter even if you have been doing it for 50 years, you are more than likely to find out something you didn’t know about the craft. If you have a knitter in your life and looking for a good birthday/Christmas/Easter/Hanukkah etc present, try this one on for size. You won’t regret it.


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