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Back to School

That is where I seem to need to go…maybe not for a master’s right now but back for something extra to add to my two degrees…what? not really sure, I just really want to go back to school. Maybe work part time but for some reason going back to school just seems to fit my mood better. I am thinking JCCC so it won’t cost a FORTUNE but not really sure what I should do….take a few more psych classes, maybe some writing classes, just a few things to round out my resume to make me more marketable….maybe focus on early education or research. I really think research is where I will be the most happy…I bitch and moan about reseach papers but there is something thrilling about taking all this info and then shaping it into a paper…or even going and doing the research out in the field and than rounding it off with research that is similar…I just like that sort of thing…not a big fan of statistics so research in crime and the like would probably be more up my ally…I am just not sure. KU does have a master program called Educational Psychology and Research which would be good or maybe Applied Behavioral Science (which is mostly research based)…I just don’t know. I really want to be going back to school in August or so.


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