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Howdy folks, it is a cool early Spring day here in the land of Oz. The Hubs and I are looking forward to moving into a home we are renting at the end of June and I am currently starting to pack so we can do it room by room…this however is leading me into finding ALL of my craft supplies which I haven’t

really been able to get to due to lack of space…this does not bode well.

I have about 1000 buttons waiting to be button flowers and about 10 t-shirts waiting

to be made into handbags or reusable grocery sacks. All very similar looking to the ones to the left. They are made out of recycled t-shirts and our tied at the bottom. Due to the nature of how they are made there are holes at the bottom I make them small enough that very few things can be lost through them. Even so I suggest using a make-up case or something similar when carrying small things like lipgloss etc.

Right now I have:

-Medium Charcoal Gray shirt that says “Island Paradise Hawaii Maui” on it (as soon in picture on left)

-Medium White shirt that on the front has the old WSU logo on it and the words thinkers, doers, movers, shockers under the logo on the top left. On the back it has a  big WuShock in a goldenrod circle and the words Thinker, Doers, Movers & Shockers around it.

-An extra large goldenrod Vikings Have Heart which also features the Viking on it. Perfect for any current Shawnee Mission West student or for the alumnus who still has Vikings in their hearts.

(The pink viola shirt in the picture is not for sale, sorry.)

I also have a selection of shirts getting ready to be made into bags, the selection includes:

-A medium charcoal blue D.A.R.E writtin in green shirt that has the DARE surrounded by an American Flag

-Extra-large black with gold lettering when Shawnee Mission West played Hutchinson at State on Sat. Nov. 25, 2006. On the front it has the word STATE in big letters and on the back a viking with SMW in and the V., the when it was played and the where.

-Extra-Large Goldenrod Shawnee Mission West 2008 Football shirt. Which has a suggestion of a football surrounding the words SM West in white and  Football 2008 inside of it.

-Extra Large SMW 2002 Pep Club shirt. It is a black shirt with “The Vikings Are Coming” on the front in gold and the back consists of a pair of white and gold horns, a pair of green eyes and the words “Watch Your Back” in gold.

-Extra Large Pale Yellow SMW 2009-2010 Pep Club “West Way” shirt. The front consists of of the words “The West Way Vikings Respectful Safe Responsible” in black ink and also includes SMW and 2009-2010 in gray. The back consists of a quote from William Penn in black.

-Medium White Wichita State Shockers which has the words “Wichita State Shockers” in black on the front

-A hunter green medium shirt for the 1993 Shed Your Threads 5-mile run, 3-mile walk in Elkadar, Iowa.  This most have been the t-shirt for the Run/Walk in 1993 during it’s 6th Annual Year…the Run/Walk is now in its 23rd year. I had family in Elkadar, I must of picked this up sometime when I was there. This is definitely a quirky little piece sure to get people walking.

All medium bags are going for $8, the extra-larges for $10. Sorry there are no pics, but there will be soon (probably sometime tomorrow evening after we get home from the Royals game), charging my camera.

I have been carrying one of these bags for around 1.5 months and I love it. I love that I can toss it in with the rest of the laundry like you would any shirt and come out with a good smelling and less dirty purse….I have one (the pink one in the picture) which I use to carry my knitting in and have used them a handful of times for groceries. I am also looking for donations for any old t-shirts you have considered throwing out…I would especially love any KU, K-State, Nebraska, Royals, Chiefs, Travel shirts and quirky shirts. Anything will work though…even ones where the print is started to fade, or cracked, or maybe something your mother bleach stained.


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