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So I decided that finding some sort of Royals fabric was going to be pretty much IMPOSSIBLE…and the fact Hobby Lobby was out instead I located some baseball fabric that will work quite well.

Still on a search for a Royals patch…the stores around here seem to think they should exist…so since we are heading out the K tonight anyway we decided to give the shops there a check.

First Order of Business: Tighten it up to fit his head better

I needed some sort of material that wouldn’t be too thick but sturdy enough to go in the brim to make it fit and stay on Brandon’s head better. I found this mailing envelope at  Wal-Mart that would work perfectly.

I cut two strips that fit perfectly under the inside band
Than I hot glued one at the front of the hat…and one at the back. Now fits great!

Second Order of Business: The Band

Hot Glue: The duct-tape of the craft world.
This baseball fabric I found I think actually works out more perfectly than I think the Royals fabric would. We are currently looking at the back.

After I glued and flattened the band and made a little piece to simulate the “loop” on most fedoras I attached it to the hat…using of course hot glue. After attaching them I took a pin that I probably had since I was younger that I either received at a game or bought at a game. The finished project turned out great…..

Close-up of the band with the pin and loop

And now for the “finished” product….well, finished for now


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