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Okay…seriously folks….this is pretty much ridiculous…I really thought that finding the hat would be the hardest part of this craft project…I WAS WRONG. The hardest part of this craft project seems to be finding some sort of powder blue Royals bandanna or key lanyard or something like that for the band around the hat…and a Royals patch.

We went to Kansas Sampler, thinking that would probably be a good place to look…WRONG….they had neither…nor did the store at the mall….Target just had shirts, Wal-Mart -shirts (it always seems that Wal-Mart no longer has a fabric section…is that true for all Wal-Marts).

Seriously, How hard can this be? We live in the city of the team…why in the world does it seem to be sooooo hard to find what I am looking for. It FLOORED me that The Kansas Sampler didn’t have what I wanted….their stock was pretty much a joke (I am pretty sure they had about 3x the amount of KU/K-State stuff than Royals)…which I know the Royals aren’t the most winningest (it is a word, even if Chrome doesn’t think so) teams around here….but that doesn’t mean you have to be skimpy.

On another note…they also only had like 3 things for Wichita State (at least that I could see)…and they actually won something this year (they even just opened on there). ::SHAKES HEAD::

So I think tomorrow we are going to try Joann or Hobby Lobby….and I also might do a cursory check online…maybe I can find something fast. Whoo knows…but seriously, I am quite saddened by the lack of Royals stuff I found around here.


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