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Above: Week 6: March 8th – 14th

All products used in this layout belong to the respected designer

Above: Week 7: March 15th – 21st

I am starting to feel a little drag on the whole project 365 thing – hopefully it will pick back up once some more activities start to happen again…like baseball, general summer fun, trips etc. Should be excited

What else do I have to say…still REALLY wanting to do soap and thinks it would be a great business venture but I sort of lack money and I don’t really know who I could ask for a loan of maybe $100-300. I don’t want to ask my parents because they already support me so much, so not really sure who else I can turn to. Anybody want to loan me some money, every little bit helps. PLEASE!!

I am also really wanting to get out of this apartment and spread my legs in something bigger, like a house. I really would love to be able to get my parents house but I feel if Brandon never gets a job it will quickly slip away and we will be stuck living in apartments for longer. I don’t really mind it, I just am sort of fed up with the closeness and the like…I need a little moreĀ independence.

I am really enjoying this netgalley thing I have been turned on to, I just wish I would have known about it earlier although I don’t think then I would have had the drive to blog about the books I read. I do have to say that this whole book blogging thing I have started at the beginning of the month seems to have given me a purpose. I am really looking forward to what it becomes and brings as time progresses.

Tomorrow I am hoping that I receive the package with the new Spring/Summer Scentsy scents because I am looking forward to reviewing them and talk about some of the new items in the Spring/Summer 2011 catalog. I would also really like to see that take off and get some business. I really need to be more aggressive in trying to get parties and the like. I absolutely ADORE the product and love it when new people experience it and enjoy it.

And on the spring cleaning…I am failing…I was hoping that by now my apartment would be all clean and neat and stuff…but between snow and cold weather, lack of motivation and just general loathing towards cleaning I haven’t made much head way. I hope once the temps warm up and stay warm for extended periods I might whack a few rooms out before the end of the month.


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