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Book: The Twisted Thread
Author: Charlotte Bacon
Publisher: Hyperion
Date To Be Published:  June 14th, 2011
Source: Uncorrected galley from netgalley.com
Star Rating: 3 out of 5

Beauty and money can keep you for being murdered, or can it? “The Twisted Thread” takes us on a journey into the darker side of boarding schools where one event turns all those involved in Armitage Schools and the surrounding areas lives upside down. This event is the death of Claire Harkness, the pretty and aloof girl who seemingly was the queen bee of the school and the discovering of the pregnancy she kept hidden from the adults. Why did she go to all this trouble to keep it a secret?

Throughout the story we met an intern at the school, a handful of the teachers, the young cop who came back to his hometown to get away from such horrid crimes, his partner, the Head and an assorted cast of students. All the characters we meet finished strong but started out sort of weak, something I can surmise was more fleshed over in the final drafts of the story.

Bacon’s use of secret societies, the line between having money and no money, privileged v. townie and different view points of her cast of characters created a believable story. She also threw in quite a few red herrings to keep you guessing the final outcome. I had a few inklings it was the person but she masterfully crafted me to turn my eye and start to pin it on another.

“The Twisted Thread” would have received another star if the jumping between character viewpoint and character descriptions didn’t throw me off at first. Although once I got into the grove I liked the different viewpoints which helped move a long the story.

I have already told my 16-year-old sister-in-law to check out this book and I know next time I talked to my sister who is the same age I will mention she should give it read it when it comes out.

This book is good for someone who wants a mystery that isn’t heavy on the thriller or a teen looking for a slightly more adult novel without a lot of gratuitous sex and violence we often see in these novels. I wonderful read, especially for those lazy days on the beach or by the pool if you want something a little heavier than a bodice-ripper.


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