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I love to dream about all the LOVELY colors I can paint things and with the fact we might be becoming home owners (or something like that) in the nearing future I decided to give the Behr Paint Your Place (you can take your own pictures and paint on them) for a test drive….holy crickey that is the most frustrating piece of technology I have tried to use, like EVER

Here I am trying to paint the room that the husband has decided would be his office and center of operations. He wants a Royals theme…so powder blue, royal blue, white….that sort of thing….the blue splotches are attempting to use the bucket tool. They do offer brushes but they are ROUND…um, who in the world paints with ROUND brushes…because they are round you getting stupid overlap and it is soo annoying…and if you try to go over an overlap with a different color baseboard, molding etc- (even with the masking tool) it decides that anything that was once the color you wanted has to be the color you are currently using….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The masking tool is a JOKE…JOKE…JOKE…it is supposed to create a bearer so you don’t paint outside of the lines…um, no….no…and no! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating.

Does anybody know of a better choice… preferably something FREE and isn’t the most FRUSTRATING thing on the planet. At this point I am even considering popping the photos in gimp because I would have SOOOOOO much better control of my brushes, my masking etc. ARG!!!!


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