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I received this book as an Advanced Readers Copy through Goodreads First Read program.
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Overall I give this book four stars. It had both its positives and negatives. At the beginning I really did not like all the disjointedness of the stories, they just seemed like there would never be a connection between all these stories. As the story progressed and the evidence began to come to light, I was soon hooked. I had to finish the book.

The most interesting aspect was Mozart being a Freemason and the effect of such on his death. I have always believed through research and many watchings of “Amadeus” that Mozart’s death was suspect but the thought of Freemason involvement never crossed my mind. After reading the book I did some research and there is some sound though behind the composer being a Mason. This little nugget or theory has completely changed my view on his death.

It is the characters and the ending is what Mariani lost a fifth star from me. Some of the characters like Glass and the other baddies just didn’t develop enough in the plot like I usually like them to in books of such nature. The two main women of the book Leigh and Eve, worked but when I first met Eve for some reason I thought she was Leigh, not really sure, she just didn’t seem memorable enough until near the ending.

Ah yes, the ending. Mariani did the cliché “is the love interest really dead?” bit, which is not unusual and often used to drive the actions of the main charactor….but he had to go and kill her back off after we thought Ben and her are all happy. The clichéd “the bad guy isn’t really dead” was used as well, which really ticked me off. Really we could have left it at them being happy and content, finally both settling down. No, Ben is now right back were he started, more or less. So not loving it.

The ending also felt sorted of unfinished, with its official release date of March 22 (and the fact it was officially first published almost 3 years ago), I highly doubt there will be a lot of changes, but I really do not like the ending at all.


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