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All though recently I feel we have been trying the Divided We Stand, Divided We Fall approach. The more I listen to both sides bitch and moan, the more I realize it is US, the American people who are fucking up our country…NOT our politicians. They are the puppets, the scapegoats of the problem. In some places like Wisconsin it is the problem of the elected leaders, but across the board it is US.

This thought has always been floating in the back of my mind, especially during the Health Care bill…I feel a lot of the reason why NO ONE is happy with it (or if they are, it is with trepidation) because the bill that was approved was NOTHING like the bill that was original put forth, which I know is common with bills when they pass through the House and Senate, especially one of such a hot topic. But really that isn’t my point of this here blog post.

The other day, I was off in the great dream land and I am not sure what prompted it, probably something I have had on the back burner but I had this dream. It involved a typical day with my extended family…I think we were sitting around the television, those specifics really weren’t the point. But the topic turned political, which is hot button topic in my family. I, myself, am as your probably could tell is rather liberal when it comes to my thoughts and opinions…that is in direct contrast to a fair amount of my extended family…and one day one of my family members (I don’t really remember, it was sort of hodge podge of everyone I know in that camp) was bitching and moaning about whatever the big topic from the White House that day was…and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up….and just started to tear a NEW ONE in this person

The speech I gave went something like this

The more I listen to you talk, the more I realize WE are the reason why everything is so fucked up right now. This whole massive dividing we have done amongst ourselves, from both camps is what is hurting us. We will never work again as a country until we realize that by this tit for tat fighting that we have progressed to over often the most ridiculous of things. Any little win, be it something superfluous suddenly causes us to grow this massive ego and act like little children trying to gain hold of the last cupcake. 100 years from now, when my children’s children or children’s children’s children look at this time period they are going to go WHAT THE FUCK were they thinking…that is if we even allow them to live that long.

Even though I never agreed with Bush and found him a silly, silly man, I also realized he is our President and because he was our President the strong American feelings in me…had to have respect for him. For he took on a hard job and the world events, especially 9/11 made it even harder and did the best he could with the skills he had. Do I think our current climate would have been different if 9/11 didn’t happen or happened later on his Bush’s term…OH YEAH, but that is neither here nor there.

We, the people need to put our big girl panties on and take stock of our world and try to act like grown-ups. We will only work again and progress in a positive and sticking way until both sides hash these things out.

People always ask “What has Obama done?”…and the response is normally NOTHING…of course that isn’t completely true, he has done something, maybe not what we want him to do and maybe not as quickly as you wanted him to do it…but part of it is because it is EXTREMELY difficult to get ANYTHING done when NO ONE WILL LET YOU. Yes, sometimes people overcome those barriers. That of course will happen in politics or anytime someone has an idea that is out the normal realm.

Also when asked why we think he has done nothing, the answer is…”he promised all these things and what do we have to show for it?” Has anybody paid attention to politics in the last I don’t know, since the dawn of politicians. Can anybody name a single President that can check off EVERYTHING in their campaign promises (in the time period he was in office). Yes, he promised change…and we are getting change….The gay and lesbian community are starting to get a voice, one that is quickly stepping in the right direction. We elected a black man as President, 40+ years ago, if someone even remotely suggested or thought that idea they probably would have been accused as a heretic. This change I think is part of the embedded problem of why we are so anti everything he does…but that is for a later topic. Take womens rights, they didn’t happen over night, people worked and worked and worked to make that change…hell, 80+ years we are still fighting that uphill battle…change is NOT an overnight thing. I know it would be a wonderful thing if it was, but it ISN’T!! Doesn’t work that way! It may not be for another 100 years until we see the changes Obama has put into motion…but what we have now is the HOPE that change is coming.

Back to the guy being black that is part of the inherent problem of this division we have created. Now, this will probably grate some nerves what I am going to say next, but I am going to say it any way. I feel a lot of this pushing away from his ideas stems from this eternal racism a lot of us have. You probably aren’t going to admit it out front and maybe you put on a mask of showing you are okay with it…but racism is a learned skill. If we were raised in an area, household, time period etc where such things are accepted we are more likely to hold on to those ideals even when the general thought has changed. Now we have a man in the national spotlight that is a representation of this thing a lot of us have learned to hate and this learned skill is starting to stir. Could I be way off base, probably…I am not an African-American scholar, nor will I claim the two political sciences classes I took in college and the basic psych degree I earned makes me an expert but I don’t see why we deny it.”

My alarm clock woke me up here…but I have a feeling I probably wouldn’t have been able to go on much longer. I probably just made a lot of enemies…and I would like to point out that not all of us are doing our actions due to the persons race…although this whole trying to make him Muslim doesn’t really help…I think a lot of it is because we know that judging him based on his race is wrong and the current thought is that ALL Muslims are terrorist (something I do not believe, btw) that we have shifted such thoughts to his values. That is probably for another rant….and I am not in the mood to open THAT particular can of worms right now.

What I said will probably get me removed from some friends lists, or angry comments (from both sides) or flamed or whatever the biggy thing is now….but I don’t care. I just really want people to realize that we will never get out of this slump we have gotten ourselves into until we learn to share, combine ideas etc. This I think illustrates an inherent problem in the our political system is set up(which I have to admit that the tea party as addressed remotely)…but that is also for ANOTHER time.

What scares me the most, is that coming to this realization is actually making me question my American values…that I sometimes get sick to my stomach when I see the American flag…this should not be happening, is this what we really want from our population. Think about it?


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