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So I saw this commercial the other day and I was rather intriqued, it wasn’t the necessarily the content of the commercial because I hate that song and the rest of it really cheesy…but the cheesy was rememberable…so much, when we were at Price Chopper and it was there in the check out line, I impulsed bought it.

What does it taste like…
The taste as best as I can describe it is sort of like Mountain Dew but orangery and slightly more natural tasting (MD always sort of tasted very chemical to me)…you know. It really isn’t bad, definitely not my favorite citrus soda which will always be 7up but if I want a little extra caffeine boost (because like mountain dew it has a little extra caffeine) I guess it will become my new soda for such times.

That really is all I have to say about that
I don’t normally consider myself someone swayed by “Buy Me” advertisements, but for some reason this one struck me. Odd.


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