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Okay, I had a desire to get some spring cleaning done around here…I know I am not the neatest or cleanest person and that is life. Normally it doesn’t bother me but recently it has started to irritate me, but not really enough to make want to get off me bum and do something about it…or if there is a drive, it lasts like five minutes but then I think of all the work I need to do and just get discouraged. Isn’t that life?

This post is both about the beginnings of my journey to Spring Clean and get back on the FLYlady system and my journey of venturing down a new craft lane.

Soap and candle making have always been something I have had an interest in but never really the drive. The other day during a research stroll through Michaels I found this soap kitand suddenly my creative wheels made a jerk. Than I picked up a soap book and flipped through and I could feel the wheels grease up. It wasn’t until I returned home and did the google and youtube thing. Soon my creative wheels were spinning like bunny being chased

What really did it for me was finding the Soap Queen Youtube series. Holy cricky, the creativeness locked in the process starting to make me giddy. The Youtube series led me to brambleberry.com and I knew they would soon be getting  a good chunk of my money.

So I sat down found a tutorial I liked
This one:

Made a list of things I need to make two different batches…
then I made a list of what needs to be done in three of the rooms I need to clean: The Office, The Kitchen and The Bedroom…I matched up an item from the list of soap making materials…so when I get that item done I can check off the item. When my time limit I have giving myself is up (March 12th, 2011 –  March 15th, 2011) whatever I have checked off on the list, I get to order (money permitted).

I also made some day-to-day goals such as relaxing bath, reading time, alcoholic drink etc…so that I will be even more motivated (although so far I am not really getting things done)

I need an app likes this:

but for android and cost something more like FREE.

Even with my pomodroido app which I can advance levels, it isn’t quite as epic

I guess time will tell

Current things on my to do list:

  • Clean/organize desk
  • dishes
  • make lemonade
  • General Kitchen clean
  • Reorganize Closet (rearrange for Spring, donate etc)
  • Sort and organize closet in office
  • Get at least half-way through “The Mozart Conspiracy”
  • Wash and change sheets for Spring

Well, doesn’t that sound grand. I think first we are going to go to Da Big L and spend some time with the Hubs parents, sister and grandma. Maybe even drop by our future house (love my wishful thinking) and check up on it and raid the freezer.


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