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Berry – Licious

  • Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool Oak Tweed
  • Grape and Strawberry Kool-Aid Packets

I like this one…can’t wait to see it all balled up, I hope it is gorgeous

BTW, I figured out how my colors were so dull the first few experiments, my water wasn’t hot enough, now I crank it to high….it burns my fingers, but no craft is without an injury or two

Alaskan Sunrise

  • Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool Natural
  • Grape, Slammin’ Strawberry Kiwi, Orange and Lemonade Kool-Aid packet

This is probably my favorite, I just wish it didn’t take me almost 2.5 hours to do, but the result was worth it….and the ending product gorgeous. I also can’t wait to get this in a center pull ball, but I got to wait for it to dry.

Not really sure if I am going to pump anymore out…I need to get some more green and some blue (which btw, I have discovered blue is a hard color to find…so is green)


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