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These didn’t turn out 100% how I hoped they would, the tutorial (https://kraftingkitten.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php) I used some got all these fun colors but mine just combined….and it would do the whole hank and not just the top half which seems she gets…I have some more yarn so I am going to do a few more experiments because I really LOVE the multi-colors that kool-aid dyeing gives…but I am just not seeing it as I wish…but either way, here we go

Experiment one:

  • Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool: Natural
  • Pink Lemonade, Lemonade, Ice Blue Raspberry and Grape

First I hanked the yarn into this lovely shape…I knotted it pretty tightly so I could get a few bits of white here and there

I then let it soak for 15 mins and away I went


….The crockpot is turned on to low…

I first added the pink lemonade and lemonade and let it sit for a while

After flipping the yarn I added the Ice Blue Raspberry and the Grape…and let sit awhile again

After letting it cook a little, I let it cool to room temp, rinsed it real good under room temp water and than hung it out dry

Not really sure why, but I call this color, Welcome to the 60s,

Here it is wound up in a ball

Experiment 2

  • Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool Oak Tweed
  • 2 Pink Lemonade, 2 Lemon-Lime and 1 Slammin’ Strawberry Kiwi

I wanted to see what a yarn with a darker content mixed in would take to the dying process.

First I did the 2 packets of  Pink Lemonade

Than I decided I wanted a slight more pink color, so I propped up half the skein with a box and tossed in the Slamming’ Strawberry Kiwi and let that sit for 10-15 mins. I had to prop it up or I would have created a wink and the water would have gone ALL over my kitchen floor.

After that I dunked the whole hank back into the pot and added in the two limon-limes (not pictured)…all that got me this ,which I actually sort of like, very me…a great mix of pinks and greens.

Here it is balled (this time I tried a center pull ball)

Results for Experiment 3:

I am not 100% in love with it (I kind of got annoyed that after three attempts it wasn’t working like the tutorial and I had done everything pretty much to the LETTER…so I was doing strange things, like dumping random colors I didn’t even want to use), I might try over-dyeing it with some Grape….I HATE that I wasted my last green on this, oh well…Kool-Aid is CHEAP.

Now I am off to do the Oak Tweed in Strawberry and Grape, this time only putting half in the pot at a time

After that the Natural color will get a dosing of Tropical Punch, Lemonade and Soarin’ Strawberry Lemonade (Redish pink, yellow and hot pink)…which I will also try to only do it a little bit at time.


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