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About a week ago I get a call from Target telling me they want me to come in for an interview, okay that is all fine and dandy isn’t…except for the fact it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of this chick. She is supposed to be there after 3 today, so once again I will be calling and leaving a message, unless she is actually there and maybe finally get an interview…I even got some interview clothes, I want to use them…and badly. If the position has been filled, tell me or something…bah! In the meantime I will continue to call them and continue to fill out more applications.

If I was actually trying to do the NaNoWriMo challenge I would be about 4,279 words behind…maybe once I am done here I will work a wee bit more on it, who knows

I am not counting my chickens before they hatch because the next two years will be just like the last two years maybe a wee bit less bitchy and moaning from the right but it will exist…heck, who am I kidding myself….the rights and very often the lefts love to bitch and moan…it wouldn’t be American Politics without a little bitching and moaning from both sides. eh?

My prediction…nothing will get done…people will be pissed..swing back towards the left in 2012, not a large majority…but a slight swing, enough where the repubs think they still are in-control. Re-election of Obama? Perchance, it really depends on how the next year or so goes.

1) Call Target
2) Clean living room/kitchen/dining room (15 mins each)
3) Spend at least an hour “writing”
4) 15 mins in bedroom cleaning
5) 15 mins in office clean

Here is obligatory video of the post:
Yes, some Christmas music….it is what I had stuck in my head


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