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November is here again and yet again I am contemplating taking on the 50,000 word challenge that many take on during this loverly month…but of course like every year I will be gung-ho for like a week but then I started to over think every little plot point that points in my head, I like control….hell, I NEED the control…one day, one day!

Maybe this year I will once again do it unofficially and if this year goes better I will officially do it next year, perhaps…I don’t know.

Not really sure but at about 12:30 in the afternoon on Oct 31st I had the strongest urge to listen to Christmas music. Is it a little early…yeah, just a little but I really wanted the Christmas cheer. I know my husband thinks I am flipping crazy, even know I have Jackson 5 singing “Up on the House Top” through desktop speakers…and oddly I am inspired….I am also sleepy but that is neither here nor there.



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