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Real World

I would like to know when the “real world” suddenly become only for people who work to pay for school, mothers who go to school, or mothers who work. Isn’t the real world just as hard on the jobless, or the ones working a dead end job, the housewives. the downtrodden.

My world may seem wonderful just because I can sleep in until noon but I am just as effected by the real world as the working mother. I still have to pay bills just like every one else which we can squeak by on my husbands salary and what little I make selling Scentsy. I have looked for jobs pretty much everywhere, applied, wondered websites, want ads, craigslist and stores…either no one is hiring or wants to hire someone with two college degrees…why pay me, when you can pay someone else to do the same job cheaper? I do admit I am a little picky but quite a handful of jobs out there are sooo redundant I don’t think I could handle them without a major mental break down.

I am also lucky that my parents (and sometimes the in-laws) can help here and there but I don’t expect it and don’t ask for it. They are wanting to help.

As I mentioned above I am a Scentsy consultant which generally goes well (this month seems to be a little slow however but that is neither here nor there) and generally I make enough to help out here and there or help to pay for some of the extra things we like to do. Along with selling Scentsy I am trying to start up a craft business in hopes to adding even a wee bit more into our funds. It definitely doesn’t pay as much as a full-time job but it is something…the thing about starting a business, that takes money, time, customers…all which are effected by the real world…but to being brutally honest, working for myself -being my own boss is what appeals to me most. I want to create my own hours…work until 5am and then sleep until noon…or be able to sit around in my pajamas or anything comfortable while I let the creative juices flow…We both like it because me being home, stuff actually gets done, I am not the most AMAZING housekeeper but generally we have clean laundry, clean dishes and mostly clutter-free…that is what appeals to me the most, what I want from life. That is what I have chosen to be my “real world”, it may not look like yours but remember I have to provide shelter, food and the like just as much as you do…I just take a different path possessing the means to do such

Obligatory Video of the Day

“I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
just a lie you’ve got to rise above”

Which yes, the song makes no sense with the point of that post but alas, I got it stuck in my head half the way through and voila


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